Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond’s Episode 13: Filmmakers Nadia Munla & Jamie Jensen Part 3- Improv! Pole Dancing! Wine & Chocolate

Final fun questions and discussions.  We get the wine and chocolate out and talk improv, the comedy world, pole dancing!  Whoohoo!! Follow the gals on twitter @HoPhase, check out Jamie’s blog: And the film Hannah Has A Ho Phase is now available to watch on itunes!!  Check it out and get your ho phase on!

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Pay attention!  Lots of great info and advice from Nadia and Jamie.  We talk about co-directing on set of Hannah Has A Ho Phase. The benefits and the challenges faced on the film. Importance of strong crew & making decisions on the fly. Looking back on filming micro low budget indie film. The gals discuss working with an all female crew. Collaborating with actors as directors. The expectation of talent. Advice to actors and first time filmmakers.  Tips on auditioning. Jamie and Nadia talk about why they pick projects and stick with it and what they like about casting process.

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Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond's Podcast Episode 11: Filmmakers Nadia Munla & Jamie Jensen - Part 1

A trip down memory lane with these two creative and fun filmmakers, who co-directed a hilarious film "HANNAH HAS A HO PHASE".

In part 1 of our conversation the gals talk to me about how this friendship and ultimately a collaboration, started and their experiences at the famed Peter Stark Program at USC.  

We also talk about the concept of having an all female crew, working with actors during sex scenes, and the casting process.

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Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond's Podcast: Julian Casia! Part 4 Studio Tour!

We wrap up things up with a tour of Julian's studio. A wide variety of instruments, sounds and even a cat.  For more on Julian check out his music on sound cloud:  And his website:

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Part 3! Julian and Erica discuss mood and it's affect on music, how music can “narrate” and punctuate scenes, the idea of using contrast in music.  Playing it safe vs. taking risks. Aaaand Julian shares some funny stories about driving around NYC on his scooter. 

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Part 2 of this cool interview! Julian's take on the music industry today, technology and music, working with singers, budgets, being creative with different sounds, instruments. His experience playing in bands.  Film omposing vs commercials.

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Brooklyn in the house!  Erica traveled all the way from the Upper East Side to composer Julian Cassia's awesome studio in Brooklyn to talk to him about his start in composing, from his upbringing overseas to his training at Berklee, plus inside look at collaborating with filmmakers and music's creative impact on films. This was such a fun discussion!  Part 2 gets even better..including a tour of Julian's studio, podcast style! Check out Julian's cool and inspiring range of music on his website: and more on

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Casting directors & the final casting decisions for films and commercials.  Erica discusses her experiences.

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What's your voice? Erica talks about making HER voice heard via social media. 

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How to bring YOU to your performance. Erica talks about what works in auditions.  

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